About Why does this site exist?

I started backpacking during the pandemic of 2020. I had previously had a strong interest in hiking and just generally being outside, but most of my outdoor time existed in mini-hikes during long vacations to distant places. That worked for awhile, but I lost all of my opportunities to enjoy the outdoors when the world shut down. So, I decided to explore a new hobby (one of many, really) and get into backpacking, specifically in areas close to home. As I progressed in distance and duration, I took a deep dive into the world of ultralight hiking.

I created this site for two reasons. First, I needed a safe place to put all my recipes, thoughts, and ideas for backpacking as I worked to achieve an ultralight setup. Second, as a web designer, I needed to practice my development skills. It’s also a helpful tool when trying to share my ideas with someone, such as a friend I’m trying to drag along with me.

Having said that, while the primary function of this is not to build a community, I’m open to feedback. Especially if I said something really stupid. If you have a recipe, an idea on how to do something better, or a cheaper option for the budget list, I’d love to hear about it. Connect with me through one of the channels below, and maybe I’ll include your changes in a later update.